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I bought the machine for £50; I bought it from Ebay in the UK. I went to a considerable effort to source this machine as it has a feature that I desire to make drawings with. For this task of drawing, the machine has to have the ability to print whilst the lid of the printer is open – allowing me to attach a pen with elastic bands to the head of the printer. This is the only machine of its kind I know of, that can do this. Where most digital printers insist on the lid being closed before they go to work, the Epson Stylus SX525WD is open to being watched whilst in operation and promotes a new kind of use for the machine. Machines like this are supposed to be used for certain tasks, on occasions they interact with other systems, for example I once left a scanner 'on' outside in a garden at nighttime where it attracted bugs and light seeking moths. In this case the light sensor instead of being an office tool acted as a beacon, moving bugs from one part of the garden to the other.






On the 7th of February (Thursday) 6 pm, the opening of. . s hly;;, will take place. During the event, an edition of a book by Will Peck published together with Montos Tattoo will be presented. 


Will Peck

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