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Boredom, idleness, banality in Könnemann's works become a medium for creativity and, sometimes, anarchy. Films selected for the screening, explore links between the confinement of public spaces and drifting behaviors. In examining everyday norms, the totality of social relations manifest in compulsive micro-interactions and the ordinary systems seem strange and temporal.

The screening will consist of: “Pleasure Beach“ (2001), “Unrise”(2002), “M.U. D." (2000) and more recent footage.

Date: Thursday, August 19 at 9PM
Place: Under the Liubartas Bridge to Žvėrynas (“Patiltė“)


The screening “Three early videos by Nina Könnemann and more” is presented as a part of ongoing summer screening series “Deep Rivers Run Silent".



The screening is supported by the Lithuanian Council of Culture

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