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Mindaugas Jonaitis is a self-thought artist, who currently works at the Maintenance Unit of Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania. Jonaitis often draws using pencil on paper or different drawing apps, including Chinese calligraphy app The Taste of Calligraphy. He mostly creates different characters, that are intended to be used in video games. According to Jonaitis, the characters are now in waiting mode before some game developers or apps will pick them up and, accordingly, apply different personalities or scenarios for them to act out.  For Jonaitis, it is important to be able to draw on the pad using his fingers without any additional help from the iPad stick or some other device. Nevertheless, the style of drawings depends on the apps he uses at the time. For example, the brush used by Jonaitis is primarily created for the drawing of Chinese script, while the usual background in Jonaitis’s works is the favourite wallpaper amongst app users. The wallpaper depicts The Double Ninth Festival, a drawing of a traditional Chinese festival referred to as Senior’s Day, a day to pay respects to the elderly.


For two weeks in April Monta's tattoo website was turned into an exhibition space for Jonaitis. It was created as a waiting room for Jonaitis's characters that are there to be picked up by game developers. The dialogues between the characters were written, voiced, and recorded by the artist himself.


3D graphics were created by Antanas Skučas

The exhibition was partly supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture

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