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There is an inner motor diagram in our body that extends the lines of tension and directions of force in our torso, limbs, head, and hands. It adjusts to balance, coordinates body parts, and extends a range of agility.

It is mysterious and wonderful that when we look at others our gaze penetrates inside to catch on to the inner motor diagram in their bodies.

Folk acrobats in Marrakesh, Morocco. The inner diagram of the body or each man and boy extends in all the others, senses the diagram of force in the others and is sensed in them. They are handsome and their clothes are blazing, but what holds us on them is the inner diagram of our body that senses the lines of force and tension in them, a diagram of force and tension possible and impossible in us.

The human face is naked, exposed. For someone to face me is to expose sensitivity, susceptibility, vulnerability. To face me is to appeal to me, require my attention, stop me, order my response.

The beauty of a human body is not just in the rhythms of its contours but in the sensitivity, susceptibility, vulnerability that extends in it and that awakens kisses and caresses.

Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro. Small groups of musicians emerge all over the city, people come out into the streets to listen and dance with anyone, with everyone. How joyous and how beautiful humans can be together.

Alphonso Lingis

Visiting hours of the exhibition: Fridays 6 - 8 pm. 
If you'd like to visit another time, contact:

The exhibition is open till the 7th of August.
Address: Kauno st. 1a - 408 (4th floor), Vilnius.


The exhibition is sponsored by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

The show by Alphonso Lingis is part of an ongoing exhibition series for which a number of different authors have each been invited to select and exhibit a combination of two photos. The two-photo format is used as a starting point for

open-ended conversations that are free to develop in unforeseen directions.

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